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How To End The Ukraine War

How To End The Ukraine War

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for one year in which millions of people have been displaced and cities have been destroyed. There is no end is in sight even though the Ukrainian army is fighting bravely. 

Ukraine has already received $45 billion in economic aid from America and another $52 billion has been approved by Congress. Recently Poland and Germany agreed to equip Ukraine with Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, while America is going to provide a battalion of Abrams tanks and other high-tech weaponry such as patriot missiles and drones.

Still, Ukraine is not going to win the war in foreseeable future, because its army needs to be trained to use western weapons which take time. Ukraine is also plagued with corruption.

In 1991 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Bush Senior had gotten United Nations approval and formed allied forces. Bush had driven Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait within weeks in the Desert Storm operation. It was Bush Junior who had overthrown Saddam ten years later in pretext of Iraq possessing nuclear and biological weapons. Similarly, Bush had driven Taliban out of Afghanistan by invasion.

We need such action in Ukraine war. European countries should form allied forces and drive Russia out of Ukraine with help of American air power and other tactical modern weapon system. Russian army is already exhausted and is in disarray. It is unlikely that Putin will escalate the war beyond present borders. Since Putin also hinted to negotiate a diplomatic solution, he is less likely to use nuclear weapons. 

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