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Kerala Most Preferred State To Work In India


Kerala Most Preferred State To Work In India

KOCHI, (IANS) – Two cities, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram, in Kerala have emerged as the most preferred places to work among the youth in India, according to the recently published India Skills Report 2024.

Kerala is the second state with the most employable resources among the 18-21 age group, according to the report published by talent assessment agency Wheebox in association with the All India Council for Technical Education, Confederation of Indian Industry, Association of Indian Universities, Google and Tagged.

The report surveyed 3.88 lakh youths through a National Employability Test conducted across the country. The report indicates that employability in India has improved as 51.25 percent of the youth surveyed are employable with the required skills.

Among the cities where men and women prefer to work equally regardless of age, Kochi came second and Thiruvananthapuram fourth in the country. Kochi is the first among the top 10 cities where most women prefer to work. Thiruvananthapuram has also shown excellence in the employability of the 18-21 age group in cities, by ranking third.

Kerala, renowned for its emphasis on education and skill development, has secured the second position in overall employability among the 18-21 age group, reaffirming its status as a robust talent pool in the country.

The report underscores Kerala’s excellence in nurturing computer skills with Thiruvananthapuram claiming the first position and Kerala at large securing the third spot in this domain.

According to the findings, Kerala stands out for its balanced approach to education, encompassing futuristic skills, general knowledge, and practical learning.

The comprehensive curriculum, notably advanced by the Additional Skill Acquisition Program of Kerala of the Department of Higher Education, has been commended for its role in enhancing employability and skill development among the state’s youth.

The report highlights Kerala’s dominance in IT, computer science, and engineering job skills. Moreover, the state’s 18-29 age group ranks highest nationwide in English language proficiency, computer literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills, indicating a workforce adept at meeting the diverse needs of various industrial sectors.

Acknowledging the government’s robust initiatives in skill training and development, the report lauds ASAP Kerala’s impact in imparting skills to over 2.5 lakh higher secondary students in the last decade. Additionally, the Community Skill Parks and Centers of Excellence established by ASAP Kerala have been recognized as exemplary models for training in advanced technologies across the nation.

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