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NJ Allocates $100,000 To Ritesh Shah Pharmacy For Helping With Healthcare Inequities

NJ-Allocates-100000-To-Ritesh-Shah-Pharmacy-For-Helping-With-Healthcare-Inequities India West

NJ Allocates $100,000 To Ritesh Shah Pharmacy For Helping With Healthcare Inequities

India-West Staff Reporter

FREEHOLD, NJ – Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential healthcare services to underserved communities, hosted its second annual “We Are Already Making a Difference Gala!” on June 30. The Gala raised $75,000, which will be used to fund the pharmacy’s critical mission of providing life-saving medication to underserved communities.

Founder Ritesh Shah, highlighted the shared commitment to improving healthcare access for those in need while thanking the many involved for their support.

Although Senator Vin Gopal and Senator Declan O’Scanlon were unable to attend due to their involvement in finalizing the state budget, they expressed their gratitude and support for the pharmacy and its mission. They also shared the news that the New Jersey State FY2024 budget has allocated $100,000 to support the Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy, recognizing the organization’s impact on the lives of those in need. This funding will enable the pharmacy to expand its reach and provide essential medications and healthcare services to underprivileged community members, the organization said.

The evening featured notable speakers, including Cathleen Bennett of the NJ Hospital Association and County Prosecutor Raymond Santiago, who delivered inspiring addresses on the importance of accessible healthcare for individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds. Their powerful messages resonated with the audience, emphasizing the significance of Ritesh Shah Charitable Pharmacy’s mission in bridging healthcare gaps within the community.

Nicole Donadio presented a ‘Year in Review,’ highlighting the pharmacy’s accomplishments, such as filling 2,500 prescriptions for patients in need, resulting in savings of over $250,000 for patients.

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  • Congratulations. Very happy and proud. Keep up the great work for poor and needy people in the community. God bless you.

    July 7, 2023
  • Congratulations!

    July 8, 2023
  • May God send more Riteshes to lessen human hardships! Bravo

    November 6, 2023

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