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Pair Your Denims In Quirky Ways

Pair Your Denims In Quirky Ways

A pair of blue denim can never go wrong, but some people make this simple garment so glamorous that they turn heads everywhere they go. What distinguishes it is how well it is styled! Don’t be afraid to try something new and shake things up.

Denim on denim

Go for the look. If you’re wearing the same shade, top and bottom, make sure to break the monotony with accessories and layering pieces; like dark blue jeans look best with brown pair-ons or black really compliments light indigo washes the best, making the style classy and timeless. Even elements like a silk scarf with double denim look chic.

Dress up your casual ripped jeans

A chic blazer is one of the simplest ways to dress up a pair of distressed jeans. The juxtaposition of the damaged grunge look and the elegance of a blazer is chef’s kiss. Ripped jeans in any fit with a shimmery top and heels is a perfect evening look. Have some fun with newer trends like corsets and platform boots or go with all-time classics like a biker jacket.

Dress up your jeans with a silk top

Jeans are known for their versatility and casual appeal, but with a little imagination, you can dress up and style your denim in a comfortable yet formal way. Silk tops are a no-brainer for such situations. The elegance of the silk top balances the casualness of the jeans very well. With the right accessories, you can make this look appropriate for a range of occasions, right from business meetings to leisure-some Sunday brunch.

The Indo-Western quirk

While the Kurti-jeans trend remains popular, there are several ways to give the jeans an Indian twist. For a family gathering, wear your favorite bandhani dress with skinny jeans and jewelry.

Revamp the denim skirt

Ditch your jeans this fall in favor of the denim midi skirt. A midi skirt, as opposed to your go-to pair of casual, comfy jeans, is instantly polished. Make them “gen-Z” cool with oversized tees, the brand’s cropped truckers, canvas shoes & a trendy bucket hat or go for the classic “borrowed-from-the-boyfriend” look with an oversized shirt. Opt for thigh-high boots to add an extra layer of warmth.

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