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Men, Here’s How to Style Your Co-Ords

Men, Here’s How to Style Your Co-Ords

Co-ords have come a long way to become socially acceptable – from a slouchy outfit to gaining a bona fide status in the menswear world, this loungewear is the best style statement to wear nowadays! Tips to style co-ords for men:

Accessorize with chains, bracelets, and glasses: Co-ords come in various assortments such as flower print, one solid color, animal print, and so much more! It’s recommend selecting minimalistic accessories for a balanced look to best carry the co-ord sets with busy prints. When you choose to wear one solid color co-ord, it’s fun to complete the look with large and dramatic accessories.

Shoes that suit the co-ord set: You can style your comfy and stylish co-rd with the shoes that suit to make it a chic style statement. If you want to amp up your style game, then pair a simple patterned co-ord set with sneakers, solid and dark colored co-ords with trainers, dye-printed co-ords with buckle strap open-toe flats, and funky printed co-ords with Hawaiian slippers.

Go for small or handy bags: Instead of letting your pants sag with the keys, phone, charger, earbuds, and all your accessories, choose to go modish with small or handy bags. Bags like messenger, cross body, beach, and gym bags are designed to give stylish room to all your everyday essentials. Remember to choose the right bag depending upon the place you are visiting and the occasion you are wearing the co-ord for.

Layer with an over shirt and jacket: Layering is a four-season look and it’s always recommended to define the layering first to see how it interacts with your co-ord set. T-shirt co-ord with knee shorts or pajama can be layered with an oversized shirt or jacket. Layering with a contrasting-colored cardigan or knitwear in winter will add warmth to your look and will go well with the look.

Keep it untucked or partially tucked: Simple rule to abide by before you decide to untuck or partially tuck the co-ord shirt- maximum style or optimal comfort! Quickly scan the hem of your shirt. If the hem is even, untucked is the best way to go. If the hem is uneven, it’s meant to be tucked/partially tucked. Not every time scanning the hem helps you decide it. You can also check the fabric. Untuck the shirt if the fabric is bulky or stiff (denim, wool) and you can partially tuck the shirt if the fabric is light (linen, cotton, satin).  (IANS)

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