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Peachy Vibes


Peachy Vibes

This fizzy drink with all the syrupy fruit juices and a heavenly smell, the drink tastes like a pie.


*6 peaches (cut into cubes)

*9-10 strawberries (cut into cubes, frozen)

*1 and 1/2 cups of Apple juice

*1 and 1/2 cups of Soda lime

*Lots of ice cubes for a full pitcher


*Cook the peaches for about ten minutes, or until they are soft.

*When the skin is hot, peel it and place it in the blender.

*Now add the remaining ingredients and blend them until it reaches a smooth consistency. To make it taste extra special, chill it in the fridge in glasses before serving, and enjoy the melting away of the summer heat!

*Serves – 6

*Prep Time – 15 minutes

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