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Sabyasachi’s New York Edit

Sabyasachi’s New York Edit

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) – Sabyasachi is dedicated to maintaining the best craftsmanship and historical Indian arts and crafts. The New York edit does not draw inspiration from fads, trends, or current events. It is a dedication to producing contemporary heirlooms.

“The edit shamelessly interlaces the east and west, the traditional and rebellious, the precious and profane, and the sensorial with the intellectual”, says Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

It has been visualized as a collection that may be worn by people of all ages and across all cultures, any time of the year with a focus on artisanal work.

The Sabyasachi Art Foundation hand paints the tropical plants and animals of Bengal’s Sundarbans and then digitally renders them into now-classic home prints. The Calcutta to New York route is mapped in the New York edit, which celebrates Indian craftsmanship. Among statement offerings are:

An oversized dress and a statement necklace crafted in gold with multicolored stones and diamonds from Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry.

A trench embroidered with printed silk applique, silk floss yarn, metallic yarn, Lurex, acrylic and black paillettes.

A hand-embroidered tulle dress with gold-tinted paillettes.

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