* 1/2 an iceberg lettuce, shredded (refrigerated)

* 2-3 Tbsp sour cream

* 2 jalapenos, sliced

* 2 green chilies, sliced

* 1 tsp tomato puree

* 1 red onion

* 1/3 red, yellow and green bell pepper

* 100 gm cottage cheese (paneer)

* 150 gm rajma (kidney beans), cooked

* 1.5 Tbsp olive oil

* 2-3 cloves bashed garlic

* 1 tsp chilly powder

* 1 tsp cumin powder

* 2 green tomatoes

* 1.5 tsp black pepper

* Juice of 1 lemon

* 2 Tbsp coriander leaves, chopped

* 50 gm grated cheddar

* Taco shells


* In a pan, heat olive oil, add the bell peppers, onions, garlic, green chilies and saute nicely.

* Add the cooked kidney beans to this mixture.

* Crumble the cottage cheese into the pan.

* Add the cumin and chilly powder.

* Mix all the ingredients together well.

* Add 1 teaspoon of tomato puree to the mix.

* Season with salt and pepper, add lime juice and chopped coriander and mix well.

* In a mix add 2 green tomatoes, 1.5 teaspoon olive oil, a big pinch of salt and a small bunch of coriander leaves to make a nice green salsa.

To assemble Tacos:

* Warm the taco shells in a moderate oven 170eC for 5 to 6 minutes

* Start with adding the shredded lettuce in the taco, and then add the kidney beans and cottage cheese mixture, jalapenos, cream cheese and grated cheese with the green tomatillo salsa.

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