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Tulsi Kumar’s ‘Bolo Na’ Has Elements Of Folk Music

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Tulsi Kumar’s ‘Bolo Na’ Has Elements Of Folk Music

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Playback singer Tulsi Kumar released her new track ‘Bolo Na’ on June 5. The song features elements of folk music. It is the third song from her highly popular ‘Truly Konnected’ series. The song serves as a comforting solace for those who are dismayed in love.

The song has been composed by Anurag Saikia with Hindi lyrics penned by Avinash Chouhan and Kumaoni lyrics by Damyanti ‘Deepa’.

Tulsi said, “Bolo Na is a travel song with folk music influence that is soothing to anyone who is upset in love. I dedicate ‘Bolo Na’ to a relationship that is extremely close to my heart, and it could be anyone or anything that you are truly connected to.”

Directed by Arsh Grewal, ‘Bolo Na’ has been shot across picturesque landscapes in Kashmir and tells a sweet story of a mother-daughter relationship expressed through Tulsi’s vision.

Arsh Grewal said: “One of the major highlights of ‘Bolo Na’ is the way it was shot – whether it was the scenic locations of Kashmir, painting-like visuals, the casting for the music video, and Tulsi’s convincing and heart-warming performance. While showing the relationship of mother and daughter is so pure that it shines through.”

‘Bolo Na’, produced by T-Series, is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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