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21 Students Deported From US

21 Students Deported From US

India-West Staff Reporter

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Media reports suggest that students who were recently deported from the US and had their student visas canceled might encounter a substantial setback in their plans to return. The students could potentially face a five-year entry ban to the US.

Twenty-one Indian students were deported from the US in a single day, igniting concerns over the complexities of visa-related issues. Many of these students hailed from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and had meticulously completed all visa formalities in anticipation of pursuing higher education in the US. Their dreams were abruptly disrupted as they were subjected to thorough document checks by immigration officers, leading to their detention and eventual deportation.

These instances of deportation took place across major US airports, including Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco. Students expressed their bewilderment, as they believed they had met all requirements for their visas and were prepared to embark on their academic journeys. Some of the students also disclosed that their mobile phones and WhatsApp conversations were examined during the process.

Additionally, they were instructed to leave the country calmly, with the dire warning of legal consequences if they contested the decision. The universities they were planning to attend were located in Missouri and South Dakota.

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