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Arrogant and Confused

A littered street in Buch, Ukraine

Arrogant and Confused

From Dr. Rangaesh Gadasalli , Los Angeles

This is with reference to your front-page article in India West (May 20, 2022) about some US Congressmen and women with regard to India’s response to the situation in Ukraine.

These four lawmakers, Pramila Jayapal, Ami Bera,  Ro Khanna, and Raja Krishnamoorthi, have zero knowledge about US-India relations or India-Russia relations, or the behavior of Ukraine with regard to India for many decades. They are making comments and criticizing India as if India is a small country depending on favors from the USA for survival.

Shame on them.

Do they know Ukraine is a strong supporter of Pakistan in the US and have criticized India many times for its actions against terrorism from Pakistan? Do they know Pakistan gets military equipment from Ukraine and it is used against the people of India by Pakistan in Kashmir, New Delhi, Mumbai, and other places? Do they know the US had sanctions against India for nuclear power enhancement and self-protection against two nuclear powers at their borders?

India, the largest democracy in the world has excellent relations with the US, the most powerful nation on earth. As Donald Trump used to say AMERICA comes first, India is doing the same thing India comes first and India’s self-interests come first. Has Russia imposed any sanctions against India?  Has not Russia told China that they will support India during any major conflict with India?

India has called for an immediate cease-fire and has offered all sorts of help to the people of Ukraine. They have helped evacuation of citizens to safer places. International students studying in Ukraine got evacuated by the Indian armed services. India has also supplied medical supplies, food, and vaccine to Ukraine. India.

India has great relations with the Jewish nation of Israel and Japan who are strong allies of the US. India-USA-Japan and Australia have formed a QUAD alliance to protect the Indian ocean from Chinese interference and have allowed smooth transportation of materials from Asia to the rest of the world.  

Instead of India and Ukraine, these Congressmen and Congresswomen should focus on gun violence, pay attention as many states are taking away women’s rights to control their bodies, and hate crimes against Asian Americans.

They should also do something big to bring the two democracies closer. Many of us came immigrated here because the US is the pillar of democracy in the world. Let’s not stand with terror promoting extremist forces.

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