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At US-India Summit Push For GE Jet Engines, Modi Address To Congress


At US-India Summit Push For GE Jet Engines, Modi Address To Congress

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WASHINGTON, DC – The new Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, emphasized the importance of the US-India relationship, stating that it is critical to the future of both nations. He made his comments while addressing a gathering of Indian Americans on April 26 at the US-India Summit organized by the India Caucus whose co-chairs are Reps. Ro Khanna and Michael Waltz.

“There are few relationships in the world that are more vital to the US and India,” he said. Having discussed with President Joe Biden his vision for the US-India partnership, before he took office in New Delhi, Garcetti said, Biden sees, “India and the US as indispensable partners.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, Khanna elaborated on the partnership in the defense sector. He said the US wants to make sure the GE Engines deal with India is finalized. Saying India wants jet engines “The defense deliverable on the jet engines is critical,” he said. GE, reports say, is open to the transfer of technology to India for the indigenous manufacture of engines for light combat aircraft LCA Mark2 by 2028 as it does not want to lose a big market o Europe.

On the commercial side, Air India announced the biggest-ever purchase by an Indian airline of aircraft and jet engines, including 400 single-aisle and 70 twin-aisle planes powered by engines built by GE and CFM International – a blockbuster deal, ranking near the top of all deals worldwide. GE also announced agreements that deepen the company’s investment in India’s military.

Khanna claimed India has realized that the Soviet military equipment doesn’t work as well and the Soviet Union is moving towards China, and India is open to building a strong relationship with America.

On the business and economic ties between the two countries, he said, “There needs to be a continued effort. I think the reality is that India can emerge as the hub in Asia for the Asian market. Companies in my district like Apple moving out of China, moving into India, into Bangalore, and opening up Apple stores there.”

Speaking about Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US, he said they were working to ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets to make an address at the US Congress, “The co-chairs will be requesting the speaker to issue that invitation.”

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  • The most important relationship that India has is Russia-India relationship. Russia stood by India during the tough times. India must make it very clear to Russia and USA that it will not build a relationship by hurting its friends. And it will not build a military type alliance where it hurts any of its friends small or large.

    April 27, 2023
  • GE Engine deal will create a national security issue. Unless they are built under license and built indigenously, US will have control of its supply during a war. US had refused to provide parts for planes it bought from USA during its war with Pakistan.

    India should instead work with Russia for engines much like Brahmos and manufacture in India. They will be cheaper and Russia will allow almost complete autonomy.

    April 27, 2023
  • Khanna is full of gas. Russian military works excellent. It is a currency exchange issue.

    India should accept bids in Rupees and Dollars and give preference to the party that accepts payment in Rupees.

    April 27, 2023
  • iNDIA has been shopping for technology to manufacture engines for Light Combat Aircrafts for many years. Presidents Trump and Biden have agreed to transfer 100% of American technologies to India. This is a great opportunity for India to embrace. It is vital for India to diversify its supplies: It bought Rafael fighters from France and now with the US — GE, Lockheed Martin, Ratheyon Technologies, United Technologies and others.
    Russia has delayed shipment of military hardware and insists on being paid in U.S.dollars instead of rupees. Because of Ukraine war, India can no longer depend on Russia. I appalud Congressman Khanna for his support.

    April 27, 2023

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