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Advertising on the website is sold in packages of 7-8 placements for 30 days.  The web banner ad sizes available are: 

1. 530X85 pixels @300 dpi

2. 960×109 pixels @300 dpi

3. 303×283 pixels @300 dpi

4. 450×450 pixels @300dpi

Ad banners/monthly packages are $800 per month.  There are no set submission deadlines.  Ad materials are posted within 48 business hours of receipt. 

There is also a leaderboard banner on the website that is 1298 x109 pixels and is on the top of every page of the website.  When this is available, the rate is $2,000 per month. 

Sponsored posts (articles with do follow links are regularly $150 prepaid per post.  Articles must be written by your staff or consultants and have no more than two do follow links.  There are no set submission deadlines.  Sponsored/guest posts are posted within 48 business hours after payment is received. 

India West Email Daily Newsletter

India West has an email Daily Newsletter that goes out five days each week to over 33,000 subscribers.  The Daily Newsletter email is a digest of the top stories (breaking stories) each day from the India West website.  The rate for the top and middle ad banners is $250 per week ($50 per day).  The rate for the bottom ad banner is $300 per week ($60 per day).  For all Daily Newsletter ad banners, you will need to check availability as they are often reserved in advance. 

Dedicated Email Blast

It is also possible to send a dedicated email blast, wherein only your full-page ad is sent to over 33,000 email addresses.  Your ad is not an attachment but is sent as the body of the email.  The rate for the dedicated email blast is $1,100 per blast.  There is no set deadline for submission for dedicated email blasts.  All materials are processed after receipt of prepayment. 

India West is now the best way to target the NRI community throughout the US.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.