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Cook Amused Seeing 1984 Mac Computer In Mumbai


Cook Amused Seeing 1984 Mac Computer In Mumbai

MUMBAI, (IANS) – For Apple CEO Tim Cook, seeing a 1984 Macintosh Classic machine as he launched India’s first Apple store in Mumbai was a cute surprise.

He could not stop exclaiming after Sajid Moinuddin, a designer by profession and a Goregaon resident, came with an old Macintosh computer to see him at the inauguration of Apple BKC here.

Cook was elated to see the old Apple machine at the event and signed an autograph on it.

The Apple CEO, in India after a gap of seven years, also signed an unopened iPod for another Apple fan at the retail store.

“The energy, creativity, and passion in Mumbai is incredible! We are so excited to open Apple BKC,” Cook tweeted after opening the store amid the beats of Nashik dhols, greeting the first customers with handshakes and selfies.

The new Apple flagship retail stores in Mumbai, followed by one in New Delhi and backed by aggressive sales initiatives, will fuel Apple’s growth in the year ahead.

Apple BKC is designed to be one of the most energy-efficient Apple Store locations in the world, with a dedicated solar array and zero reliance on fossil fuels for store operations.

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  • Kudos to Mr.Moniuddin for preserving the machine and bringing it show to Mr.Cook !
    Did not see the sanghis jumping up and down screaming some “jihad” because a Mumbai Muslim showed up for the celebratory event ! So the losers bowed down to the dollars Apple will be bringing in india I guess.
    Mr.Moniuddin should actually have been on the front page of newspapers for preserving the heritage of Apple products, but as expected by hate peddling godi -gobur media, it was ignored.

    April 24, 2023
  • I wish Mr. Cook should have celebrated and recognized Mr. Moinuddin in a big way and offered him a cash award for his love for Apple preserving 1984 Macintosh Classic Machine. If there is a Apple museum, it should find a suitable place. Bravo Mr. Moinuddin well done for preserving the history.

    April 24, 2023

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