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Cucumber Salad

Cucumber-Salad India West

Cucumber Salad


Cucumber – 2 nos

Boiled black channa – 1 and 1/2 cup

Chopped Tomato – 1 nos

Chopped Onion – 1/2

Lemon Juice – 1-2 tablespoons

Granted Paneer – 1/2 cup

Chopped Coriander – 1/2 cup

Mint Paste – 1/2 cup

Black Pepper – 1-2 tablespoons

Green Chili – chopped 2 teaspoons

Schezwan Sauce – 4-6 tablespoons

Salt to taste


Peel the cucumber, and cut them into two lengthwise pieces, deseed them.

Add the boiled black channa, tomato, onion, black pepper, green chili, mint paste, Schezwan sauce, and salt. Mix them all well together.

Add this mix to the deseeded cucumbers.

Decorate this with grated paneer, chopped coriander, and lemon juice.

Serve it fresh and enjoy this healthy snack. (IANS)

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