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Drs. Jasvant & Meera Modi Donate $800K For Jain Studies At CSUN

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Drs. Jasvant & Meera Modi Donate $800K For Jain Studies At CSUN

NORTHRIDGE, CA – California State University, Northridge (CSUN) has announced a donation of $800,000 by Dr. Jasvant Modi, a retired gastroenterologist and philanthropist, and his wife Dr. Meera Modi.

The funds are designated to support the Bhagvan Ajitnath Endowed Professorship in Jain Studies within the Department of Religious Studies, College of Humanities. This landmark gift marks a significant step in promoting the understanding of Jainism, a major but less understood religion from early India, the Modis said.

“I am proud of my heritage and the key principles Jainism embodies,” said Dr. Jasvant Modi. “Establishing a professorship at CSUN is a significant step towards educating others about Jainism’s teachings of nonviolence, non-possessiveness, and plurality.”

This initiative aligns with CSUN’s commitment to building an enlightened and inclusive society by exposing students to diverse cultures and faiths. The endowed professorship will focus on teaching the religions of Southeast Asia, with a special emphasis on Jainism. The Modis’ gift is not only a testament to their commitment to higher education and Jain studies but also serves as an inspiration for the Jain community, a press release said.

Jasvant Modi was born in Godhra, India in 1951, and completed his medical education at B.J. Medical College. He immigrated to the US in 1975 and proceeded to complete his residency in Chicago.

The couple has developed four small hospitals, which have become vital support systems for their respective communities, the release said. 

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