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Eat Fruit, But Eat It Right

Eat Fruit, But Eat It Right

Fruit is great for weight loss because it is low in calories, high fiber, and water content. Fruit is nature’s quick snack and is a great source of vitamins and other elements that help maintain a healthy diet.

But people consume fruit wrongly, which might cause more harm than benefit if not corrected.

Combining fruit with anything else– Fruit breaks down faster than any other food. When combined with other foods, it can cause the formation of toxins in the body known as ama. This is due to the fact that food pairings can slow down digestion. Fruit must stay in the stomach for as long as the heaviest food takes to digest, making nutrient absorption difficult. It begins to ferment in the digestive juices, which are usually toxic and may raise the possibility of illness and other health conditions. It is therefore preferable to consume it separately.

Fruit at nighttime– It is best to avoid anything 2-3 hours before going to bed because it interferes with the digestive system. This holds true for fruit as well. Fruit consumption right before bed has a high chance of disrupting sleep because it releases a lot of sugar, which spikes energy levels when the body should be resting. At night, our ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients is significantly reduced. In addition, eating fruits late at night may cause acidity symptoms. Fruit should be consumed as an evening snack and no later than that.

Drink water immediately– Not only children but also adults, are frequently observed drinking water immediately after eating fruit. Drinking water after eating fruit can cause the pH level of the digestive system to become unbalanced, especially consuming fruit with a high-water content like watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, orange, and strawberry. This is because fruit with a lot of water in it can change the pH balance by reducing the acidity of your stomach. Experts warn that doing so can result in serious illnesses such as diarrhea or cholera.

Not eating the skin– When it comes to vitamins and antioxidants, the peel is frequently the best part. Apple peels, for example, are high in fiber, vitamin C, and A. Eating the skin may even be the key to lowering your risk of obesity and cancer, according to research. (IANS)

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  • Some of the information given here does not make sense. Fruits are always a good choice. however, they should be eaten in limited. quantities. Fruits with low Glycemic Index are a better choice, such as: apples, all berries. Tropical fruits (mangoes and papayas) are high in sugar and have high Glycemic Index.

    December 6, 2022

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