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From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

Zelensky Desperate to End War

Ukraine President Zelensky, a comedian turned politician, was riding on unprecedented popularity during the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He had visited more than 25 countries, had given several speeches to United Nations, U.S. Congress & European Union. He was successful in garnering not only financial aid but also military hardware like tanks, missiles, drones and fighter jets from Germany, Poland, Britain, and United States.

However, since launching of its counteroffensive in early summer, Ukraine has managed to retake just a sliver of land, rebuffed by nearly 1,000 kilometers of heavily fortified Russian defenses. Russia still occupies nearly one-fifth of Ukraine, and in recent weeks has launched fresh offensives in the east. Tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians have been killed. During his recent travel to America, Zelensky felt that international support has slackened.

Only 40% of Americans now support Ukraine and want Congress not to provide more weapons to Kyiv. Many in Congress believe that Ukraine’s fight against Russia is not in the US’ national security interests. Washington also does not believe Zelensky’s argument that American soldiers could eventually be dragged into a broader European conflict with Russia if Washington’s support faltered. Congress’s reluctance to approve additional $61.4 billion spending for Ukraine and argument that Ukraine should enter peace negotiations with Russia to bring the war to an end has made Zelensky mad.

Ukraine is also suffering from corruption and its defense minister was fired because he failed to control corruption in the military. Ukraine’s top commander last week warned the war had entered a “stalemate,” and as he is fighting to maintain his hard-won support in a world distracted by conflict in the Middle East.

That’s why Zelensky invited Donald Trump (who had rebuffed Zelensky during his presidency) to visit Ukraine in a desperate attempt to end the war and save his face, after the former US president bluffed that he could end Russia’s war against Ukraine war within 24 hours if he wins reelection next year probably by declaring a status quo.

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