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Gaurav Gupta At Paris Couture Week Inspired By The Vedas


Gaurav Gupta At Paris Couture Week Inspired By The Vedas

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Designer Gaurav Gupta presented his collection at the ongoing Paris Couture Week. The designer has made inroads on the International red carpet with many pop icons and Hollywood stars choosing to wear his designs for prestigious movie awards and galas.

His collection is called ‘Aarohanam,’ A Sanskrit word that has a deep spiritual significance marking the journey of a being from the gross to the subtle, from solid to sublime, from darkness to light. It is reflective of the concept of kundalini – the coiled snake that rests dormant at the base of our spines till it is awakened by the power of deep meditation and intent. That is when the curtain of illusion lifts, the chakras open and the flame ignites.

A careful observation of the flame reveals colors that weave the collection together. Black is a metaphor for the absolute nothingness of being. Agni orange reflects the rising of a flame. Sand represents light, and reflection. The ether blue is indicative of the infinity that ascension brings, the designer said.

Cropped jackets, exaggerated capes, fluid trench coats and sculpted metal structures come together to paint the surrealism that breathes in ancient Indian texts like the Vedas, he said. 

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