From Vincent Spada, New England

Let it be understood: 75 years ago, India fought and won an unusual war. It was a battle against the British empire, which had dominated the region and much of the country for the past three centuries. It was not a conflict of bullets or bombs, but rather, one of simple ideas. A notion that a people could stand up and resist without giving in to the baser elements of their nature. That is, it was not through violence that they succeeded, but rather, by sheer will, determination, and resolve. It was civil disobedience and noncompliance, and it toppled a European giant in the end.

It is to be remembered, therefore, as a momentous occasion in all the ranks of human history. Not just for India or Southeast Asia, but for the world at large. To think that a group of individuals, led by Mohandas, the Mahatma, could overcome such odds? The idea seemed destined for exile in the realm of the ridiculous, and yet, it happened all the same. It stands alone, then, in its unique stature, for no other victory can make such a claim. No other triumph, of equal magnitude, can even draw close in either weight or comparison. For in all other instances, similar or alike in spirit, the final verdict was decided by blood. It took an act of degradation, in one form or another, to seize power or take control. Yet, this did not happen in India way back in the golden year of 1947. They won by a different and most compelling method: They persevered and proved themselves to be the better side.

Thus, one should celebrate and hold it in reverence, not just for the fact of right overcoming wrong, but also as a reminder of what is possible, and what can happen when the will of the human heart stands up and refuses to fall. It should be etched in the minds of every soul and every spirit who draws a free and living breath. It is a teacher which bears this pure message: There is truly nothing which cannot be done. Hence, we should come to understand and accept it as a noble memory, to carry with us as we fend off the darkness. If India overcame, then you can, too, and there is no such thing as hopelessness or wasted dreams. So that when doubt gains strength, and the black clouds begin to gather, let this thought enter your mind without hesitation: To succeed by force might be practical, but to succeed by virtue? That is glory…

So, in closing, never forget, and be happy and joyous on the 15th of August. It was a special time and a special place when something truly extraordinary and magnificent occurred.

God bless India and may the sun of freedom never set upon her shining shores.

All Peace to All People.

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