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From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent article published in The New York Times about the Modi government's alleged attempts

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA On March 23, 1971, Congress proposed the 26th Amendment to allow voting rights for teenagers. On July 1st, 1971, 3/4th of the states ratified

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA America is the only country in the world which spends two years of time and billions of dollars on presidential campaigning, not counting continuous

From Joe Bialek, Cleveland, OH A political primary is a preliminary election in which the registered voters are of a political party nominate candidates for office.  The key word

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA Everybody nowadays uses computers for sending e-mails, shopping, news, and entertainment. If they don’t use computers, then they use their cellphones. We are all

From Porus Dadabhoy, Chicago, IL It is very disturbing to read the commonly occurring incidents in the USA, especially to students from particular cities and states from India, and

Photo: Wikipedia From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA The recent article in today's New York Times, titled "Cleaning Latrines by Hand: ‘How Could Any Human Do That?’," sheds light on

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA Qatar is a tiny nation in the Persian Gulf that has outsized influence derived from its wealth, the state-funded and popular satellite news channel

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA There are 50 countries around the World that will elect their leaders in 2024. Though American presidential election is ten months away, the whole