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Voices Being Stifled


Voices Being Stifled

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent article published in The New York Times about the Modi government’s alleged attempts to stifle voices at a liberal university in New Delhi. The article shed light on troubling incidents that raise important questions about the state of free speech and academic freedom in India.

According to the report, there have been instances where the government has purportedly interfered with the functioning of the university, attempting to suppress dissenting voices and curtail the open exchange of ideas. These actions, if accurate, are alarming and go against the principles of a democratic society that values diversity of thought and expression.

Freedom of speech and academic autonomy are fundamental pillars of a thriving democracy, and any attempts to undermine these principles should be a cause for concern for citizens and observers alike. In order to maintain a healthy intellectual environment, it is crucial that universities remain spaces where diverse perspectives can be freely expressed and debated.

It is essential for the government to address these allegations transparently and ensure that the rights of students and faculty are protected. A robust and vibrant democracy requires the active participation of citizens, and an environment that fosters open dialogue and critical thinking is crucial for the development of a well-informed and engaged society.

As readers and concerned individuals, we urge the relevant authorities to investigate these allegations thoroughly, uphold the principles of free speech, and safeguard the autonomy of educational institutions. It is only through a commitment to these values that India can continue to thrive as a democratic and pluralistic society.

(This submission is not edited.)

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