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Life Skills Learnt From The Art Of Calligraphy

Life Skills Learnt From The Art Of Calligraphy


NEW DELHI – Calligraphy is often misconstrued as a fancy type of writing. While it is, I’d like you to know that it is not merely beautiful handwriting, it is more than that. To begin with, our fast-paced life comes with the complimentary disadvantage of stress. Calligraphy acts as a therapeutic way to relieve this stress.

It also requires you to engage your creative juices and challenges your creative instincts. In an era where our fingers are constantly tapping away at our smartphones, the age-old practice of writing has taken a backseat. Calligraphy helps one stay in touch with this redundant activity and assists in developing and maintaining our fine motor skills.


Being a Calligraphy artist requires me to leave everything else aside and focus on nothing but the project I have at hand. And while I am at it, I am transported to a different realm.

If I must say, it is super meditative & relaxing. Calligraphy requires you to focus on each stroke with undivided attention. The entire process is meditative and therefore compels you to leave all your troubles behind. Calligraphy invites you to slow down, focus and breathe. In time, you will have realized that your stress has been relieved.


Patience is a virtue we all find challenging to garner but know that it is necessary in every area of life. It involves dealing with your thoughts and getting in touch with your feelings. Calligraphy and patience go together. Every time you write, you get better at being patient. It causes you to slow down and be meticulous with every rise and fall of the strokes. Your mind is trained to take things slow and manage the effects of negative emotions.


I’d like to believe that, although secondary, we have all written at some point in our lives. And though we own the latest technology devices, we turn to write at some point. This helps me to connect with people faster. During live events when people approach my counter, they begin to share stories of how they used to write as a child and how they now miss the activity.

For an introvert like me, these conversations are very rewarding. My writing speaks for itself but through such conversations, I get to explore and learn more about people. Most often than not, this networking brings me business, builds a lifelong relationship with my clients, and increases my recognition through word of mouth.

Lasting Impression

I am yet to be introduced to a person who does not enjoy the process and outcome of being creative. Calligraphy, which requires your innate ability to be creative, brings that joy. It is the most fitting way to create something permanent and meaningful for someone you know. It is a tangible way to show how much you care, how thoughtful you are, and how much effort has been invested in creating that gift.

In today’s digital world, we are so immersed in texting, tweeting, and emailing. Handwritten messages and notes are as refreshing as rain on a scorching day. People will put aside everything else and submit themselves to the beauty they hold in their hands. Creating a lasting impression is something that Calligraphy boasts of.

In conclusion, Calligraphy is worth your time and effort. It does not demand prior experience but in fact, beckons you to learn it without any reservations. I encourage you to pick up your pen and start writing today.

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