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Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Ramaswamy


Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Ramaswamy

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) – A man who threatened a mass shooting to kill Vivek Ramaswamy, a candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, has been arrested, according to the federal prosecutor’s office in New Hampshire.

Tyler Anderson, 30, was charged on December 12 with making a threat to injure a person, whom the prosecutor’s office identified as a “presidential candidate” without naming Ramaswamy.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that the FBI led the investigation into the threat against Ramaswamy.

Ironically, the FBI has been one of Ramaswamy’s targets and he has said that he would eliminate it if he were elected President.

Responding to a text message from the “victim’s” campaign about a political event in Portsmouth, Anderson responded, “Great, another opportunity for me to blow his brains out”! and “I’m going to kill everyone who attends and then (expletive) their corpses,” the office said.

Although the prosecutor did not name Ramaswamy, his campaign was informed of the threat and his spokesperson Tricia McLaughlin said, “We are grateful to law enforcement for their swiftness and professionalism in handling this matter and pray for the safety of all Americans.”

Documents filed in court by the office of Prosecutor Jane Young said that Anderson had also written to another candidate, “Fantastic, now I know where to go so I can blow that (expletive)’s head off” and he hoped “you have the stamina for a mass shooting!”

That candidate was not named, and no other candidate has publicly spoken of the threat.

Asked by an ABC News reporter last week if threats had been made to his life, Ramaswamy said, “We don’t take anything for granted, but I’m confident that the team around us and our family is on this journey together. And I’m praying for our family and our country.”

No other information was available immediately about Anderson’s political affiliations or his ideology.

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