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Satya Nadella Highlights Impact Of AI In Davos

Satya Nadella Highlights Impact Of AI In Davos

Satya Nadella Highlights Impact Of AI In Davos

DAVOS (ANI) – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has highlighted the importance of Artificial Intelligence in science. Nadella said science is probably the place where they will start witnessing “real acceleration.”

Speaking in conversation with World Economic Forum Chairperson Klaus Schwab, Nadella said, ” So, we took one of our models called Matogen which is sort of a generative model to generate new molecules and material. And we put it through an entire round trip where we came up with new molecules for a new material. Went to work in collaboration with one of the national labs in the United States, the Pacific Northwest National Lab, and figured out how to produce a new battery that got 70 percent less lithium. That’s just phenomenal to sort of when we think about the climate, the energy transition. It’s about taking 250 years of chemistry and somehow bringing it down to 25 years, right? So, this is a proof point of that.”

Nadella noted that the digitization revolution has brought new tools to science. However, he added that it has not fundamentally accelerated science. He further said, “But, if you can fundamentally accelerate science, cures to diseases, the energy transition, fundamental new material science. All of these I think, are going to be pretty profound.”

Satya Nadella stated that a global regulatory approach to AI is desirable as these are global challenges and require global standards. He noted, however, that there “seems to be a broad consensus, though that is emerging.”

He stressed that there should be real, rigorous evaluations and safety and guardrails before the launch of anything.

“If you are deploying it in healthcare, you should apply healthcare …. If you are deploying it in financial services, you should deploy it again the financial risk a consideration. So, I think if we take something as simple as that as a basis to build some consensus and norms, I think we can come together,” he added.

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