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Til Gur Ladoo

Til Gur Ladoo

Til Gur Ladoo


1½ cups Sesame seeds

1 tbsp Desi Ghee or 1/3rd tbsp Saffola Gold Oil

1 ¼ cup grated Gur (Jaggery)

1 tsp Cardamom powder


Begin by toasting the sesame seeds on medium heat. Stir continuously to maintain even heat distribution. Once toasted, transfer to another container to cool.

Heat a pan and add the ghee or Saffola Gold oil. Add in the jaggery and melt it on low heat. Cook until the jaggery starts foaming, approximately for a minute.

Cook the jaggery to a softball stage. To check, drop a bit of the cooking jaggery into cold water. It should form a soft ball that is not too sticky and holds its shape. Drop the ball on a working surface; it should make a tiny thud sound.

At the softball stage, mix the toasted sesame into the pan. Turn off the flame and quickly mix the sesame into the jaggery.

Once mixed well, add the cardamom powder.

Allow the mixture to cool until it is easy to hold in your hand. Do not over-cool; otherwise, it will harden and set.

Wet your hands and, using a spoon, put a small portion of the mixture in your hand. Be cautious as it may still be hot. Gently shape the mixture into a ball using wet hands.

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