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What Do Junaid And Aamir Talk Over The Dinner Table?


What Do Junaid And Aamir Talk Over The Dinner Table?

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actor Junaid Khan, who made his acting debut with “Maharaj”, shared that his father Aamir Khan and him, “don’t have deep talks about films” and that when the superstar watches a movie, he does so as a viewer, just to enjoy it.

Junaid said that his father liked “Maharaj”, directed by Siddharth P. Malhotra.

“Dad had liked the film when he saw it a few months ago. He liked it but beyond that, there has not been that much of a conversation,” said the new actor.

His mother Reena Dutt, is the tough nut to crack, according to the actor. “My mum really liked the film, which was a higher bar to clear than my father liking a film,” he said.

The actor chose the digital world to step into the world of acting instead of taking the traditional route of making his debut on the big screen.

“I don’t know if there is a different way. Yash Raj is a very big producer. I liked the story and Sid sir wanted me in the film most importantly. So, yeah, I didn’t see anything odd about it,” he said.

“Maharaj”, which was released on Netflix, is based on events related to the 1862 Maharaj Libel Case. With very limited information about the titular character available, how difficult or easy was it to play Karsandas Mulji?

“Yes, there was not much information available about Karsandas ji’s personality available. His writings, court documents, and articles are available. So, Siddharth sir and Sneha Desai (writer) helped me a lot because you must devise the character from what is publicly available.”

“So, it is a process, we sat for one year to arrive at where we arrived.”

On being pitted onscreen opposite an acclaimed star like Jaideep Ahlawat in the film, he said: “I would say that the characters were pitted against each other but as actors we all worked together. Scenes are built together; the graphene is done. I got a lot of help from Jaideep sir… So, it was very enlightening working on this project with such great actors and makers.”

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