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Youth Segment Is A Highlight At GOPIO International Convention 2024

Youth Segment Is A Highlight At GOPIO International Convention 2024

Youth Segment Is A Highlight At GOPIO International Convention 2024

India-West Staff Reporter

FORDS, NJ – The recently concluded GOPIO International Convention 2024 witnessed an interesting Youth Segment, held at the Royal Palace from April 26 to 28, here. Led by the dynamic Chair of the Youth Council, Vasu Pawar, the segment showcased an array of speakers and panelists hailing from diverse industries and recognized for their exceptional achievements.

Pawar, serving as both the chair and moderator, warmly welcomed esteemed guests, including GOPIO executives such as Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham, Convener & Global Ambassador Prakash Shah, and President Lal Motwani, alongside delegates from across the globe. With a prime focus on discussing the pivotal role of diaspora youth and young achievers in shaping India’s future, Pawar’s passion for the topic stems from her role as the CEO/Founder of Step2StepUp Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial dreams of young adults.

Addressing a gathering of approximately 250 attendees, including GOPIO delegates from Southern California, Pawar emphasized the exciting growth potential witnessed in India across various sectors. With projections indicating India’s trajectory towards becoming a $5 trillion economy within the next 12 months and a $10 trillion economy by 2030, she underscored the significant role the Indian diaspora can play in contributing to India’s development.

Highlighting strategic investments as a key avenue for diaspora engagement, Pawar emphasized the importance of leveraging the diaspora’s wealth of knowledge and expertise to fuel innovation and drive sectoral growth in India. Furthermore, she noted the opportunity for diaspora members to utilize their marketing acumen to promote Indian industries globally, attract investments, and facilitate business collaborations, particularly in India’s burgeoning young market.

The segment featured panelists including Ravi Kurani, CEO/Co-Founder of Sutro and recognized Forbes 30 under 30, Monica Arora, Partner & Co-head Funds Group at Proskauer, Bhavik Shah, Principal at Ari Investment, and Kunaall Devmane, the keynote speaker renowned for his perspectives on India and recognized as ‘The Face of Creativity’ by Forbes. Additionally, Falu Shah, the first Asian woman to receive a Grammy, and Neil Nayyar, renowned for his mastery of 120 musical instruments, graced the stage with their insights.

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