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America Stuck: Trump Continues Lying, Biden Shocks

America Stuck: Trump Continues Lying, Biden Shocks

America Stuck: Trump Continues Lying, Biden Shocks

Photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS/REUTERS) – President Joe Biden said he did well at the Thursday debate with former President Donald Trump and dismissed the likelihood of him stepping aside, as being demanded by some Democrats disappointed by his performance, telling supporters: “Let’s keep going.”

Asked about calls for him to quit and if he had any concerns, he said: “No. It’s hard to debate a liar. The New York Times pointed out he (Trump) lied 26 times.” But Biden did acknowledge he was not well and had a sore throat.

Viewers learned little new about where both candidates stood on the main issues, but arguably that is not why many tuned in.

The leading question going into the debate was how the two men, both of whom have faced questions about their fitness for the job, would handle themselves on stage.

The early going favored Trump, 78, who appeared forceful and energetic when compared to the 81-year-old Biden, who spoke in a hoarse, halting voice and offered sometimes meandering replies or trailed off during his answers to several questions.

For his part, President Joe Biden found better footing later as he began to defend his record and tear into Trump’s character. But the images that millions of viewers saw and heard, especially during the debate’s opening minutes, will likely become fodder for Republican attack ads to fuel the narrative that Biden is too old to hold office.

As the debate progressed, Biden appeared more in command of the facts, in the face of a stream of falsehoods from President Donald Trump, but that may not have been enough to overcome concerns among Democrats over his unsteady delivery.

He looked his age (81), and perhaps older, fumbled for words, seemed confused at points, and lost the train of his thoughts. They are calling for him to step aside. The names doing the rounds as his replacement were Vice-President Kamala Harris, California Governor Gavin Newsom, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro and Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

“There is a sense of shock at how he came out at the beginning of this debate. How his voice sounded. He seemed a little disoriented. … There are going to be discussions about whether he should continue,” David Axelrod, a top adviser to former President Barack Obama, said of Biden’s performance on CNN.

David Plouffe, another adviser to Obama, called Biden’s debate performance a “DEFCON 1 moment”, which is the most severe level of alert for military readiness used by the US military.

But Plouffe has called for patience for three to four days to assess how exactly voters reacted. He thinks Trump may have had an even worse night because his bid for swing voters “bombed as well”.

Plouffe ran Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns and has intimate experience of presidential debates.

Replacing Biden will be difficult if not impossible. The Democratic party’s rules regarding presidential conventions rule that the delegates coming up through the primaries are bound to their respective candidates. The party could, however, hold a convention before the August 19 convention and change the rules.

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  • A Drudge poll after the debate, shows Gavin Newsom 23%, Harris 14% Hillary Clinton 12% Gretchen Weimer 10% and other 40% !!. RFK Jr. as independent drawing 10%
    Newsom might be a strong candidate for 2028 but not in 2024. The party is in Disarray !

    June 28, 2024
  • A Daily Mail poll after the debate…Biden 68% NO.

    June 28, 2024
  • Biden has to retire now. We do not a president who is good-for-nothing. Old age is meant to retire, as he is physically and mentally not fit
    to be in White House. It is time to say good-bye to Biden. This does not mean to vote for Trump who is convicted felon. Trump was the worst President #45 in US History. During his term 2020 – 2024, he lied almost 31,000 times. During the debate on 06/27/2024 he lied 26 times.

    June 28, 2024
  • I like it, some people feel Biden never lies !
    This man lies so much, he drove an 18 wheeler – he was a truck driver
    He came first in his class in law school
    He never opened the boder -“the border is secure” with 10 million illegals
    His son Hunter is a big businessman gets paid in millions with no service to offer or any product
    He only talkerd weather with his son’s business partner – he should be a weatherman
    He rode a train on Baltimore bridge
    No one in his family does drugs
    He claimed in debate that border patrol has endorsed him – they denied immediately
    The inflation was 9% when he took over
    He reduced gas prices – he got $5 a gallon ( I was paying $1.49 a gallon when he took over)
    What a joke !!!This man destroyed this country – he is a joke !!

    June 29, 2024
  • The prospect of Democrats finding a replacement for Biden in the last minute is almost futile since Gavin Newsom can only get 24% and Kamala Harris 14% And 40% do not want either of them! The Hollywood morons as talk show host Michael Savage, calls them, gave close to $25 million and they should have waited till after the debate and now they are kicking the tires of their Bently. Everyone was trying to ride the coat tails of Biden, but after the debate there is no coat left ! Biden’s shrill and muffled voice, the masked expressionless face, the short steps, hand tremors are consistent with Parkinson disease with dementia and not Alzeihners. As far as Trump the conviction is an appeal and nothing will happen on July 11th , when he’s supposed to be sentenced and this will be postponed or put on hold and as far as January 6th the Supreme Court by 6 to 3 decision, is favoring January 6th insurrectionists that includes Trump might even have presidential immunity (SC is yet to rule on it) the rest of the cases are either postponed or the constitutional appointment of Jack Smith is in question. Nothing will hinder Trump till the general election Unless and until something drastic happens Trump will be the 47th president whether a segment of the population likes it or not.

    June 30, 2024

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