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An Equation For Wealth

An Equation For Wealth

An Equation For Wealth

The Algebra of Wealth: A Simple Formula For Success, by Scott Galloway

Wealth is not all about just money. So, what must one have apart from an understanding of wealth? The author says it is stoicism, followed by a mindful understanding of focus, time management in the larger sense of expression, and diversification about economic security.

Much like the intricacies and equations of algebra, Galloway decodes the mathematics of wealth, splitting it as “Focus + Stoicism x Time x Diversification.” In a little over half a ream, drawing the difference between having money and being rich, the author has condensed his learnings as a professor, mentor, founder, and parent.

Drawing on the author’s experience, this book offers insights into how to not just get rich, but also attain financial security. And it leaves the reader with a thought to be mulled over: “If money is the goal, you’ll never have enough.”

A professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Galloway has founded nine companies and authored books like ‘The Four and The Algebra of Happiness’. He is the founder of an online education platform that teaches business strategies to working professionals.

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