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I Cried When SB 403 Passed

I-Cried-When-SB-403-Passed India West

I Cried When SB 403 Passed

From Geeta Sikand, Irvine

I am in opposition to SB 403 because its passage will lead to a cultural genocide for Hindu Americans in California. It will also lead to other states in the USA getting on the bandwagon to do the same. I am one of those who cried to see the Senate pass it through without having discussions with the Hindu community on its unintended consequences.  As the India-West article stated, at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, there were 400 South Asians in opposition while there were 200 supporters. Of note, the Senators overlooked the petition signatures of 13000 persons opposing SB 403. Sadly, the passage of SB 403 will take away the right to equal protection for South Asians. It will be a cultural genocide for Hindus and other South Asians, Japanese and Afrikans. It is creating the very problem it is hoping to solve.

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