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Nikhil Gupta Pleads Not Guilty In Plot To Kill Khalistani In US Soil


Nikhil Gupta Pleads Not Guilty In Plot To Kill Khalistani In US Soil

NEW YORK, NY (ANI/IANS) – Nikhil Gupta, an Indian citizen accused of participating in a plot to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a designated terrorist by India, has pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan federal courthouse here. Gupta, who was extradited to the US from the Czech Republic on June 14, appeared before the court on June 17.

Gupta’s US-based lawyer, Jeffrey Chabrowe, stated, “We will pursue his defense vigorously and ensure he receives full due process, regardless of outside pressures.” Chabrowe emphasized the importance of not rushing to conclusions, highlighting the complexities surrounding the case. “This is a complex matter for both our countries. It is extremely important that we refrain from rushing to conclusions so early in the process,” he added.

Gupta faces serious charges from US federal prosecutors, who allege that he conspired with an Indian government official to kill Pannun on American soil. The case has put a spotlight on India-US relations, with concerns about diplomatic repercussions if the allegations are proven true.

The US Justice Department has accused Gupta, 52, of working with an Indian government official, referred to as “CC-1” in court documents, to orchestrate the assassination of Pannun in New York City. Pannun, who holds American and Canadian citizenship, is a leader of the Sikh separatist movement.

“This is a matter that may test the diplomatic relationship between India and the US, depending on the court’s findings,” Chabrowe commented. “Background and details will develop that may cast government allegations into an entirely new light.”

The charges against Gupta were announced in November last year after his arrest in the Czech Republic in June 2023. Following his appeal against extradition to the Czech Constitutional Court, which was rejected last month, Gupta was transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn on June 16.

According to US Justice Department officials, Gupta, also known as “Nick,” was recruited by the unnamed Indian “senior field officer” to hire a hitman for the assassination. The plot, however, was foiled by US authorities.

The discovery of the alleged plot has prompted the US to urge India to take further steps to ensure accountability. While the US has expressed satisfaction with India’s initial actions, it stressed that more needs to be done to address the issue.

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  • The US Govt better be prepared for
    1) Pay Nikhil Gupta compensation when nothing sticks.
    2) The Indian Govt. arresting and prosecuting American operatives and citizens in India and against Indians and India around the world
    3) Most important, preventing the next Khalistani protest against India and on India soil especially Indian Embassies.

    June 17, 2024
  • It is not defending the Indian Government because no one knows whether Indian Government was at all involved or not?

    Who was put on Trial when Osama Bin Laden was killed in a foreign country?

    Who faced trial when a military General of Iran was killed ?

    Terrorism must be rooted out at all costs.

    June 17, 2024

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