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Congressman Thanedar Backs President Biden’s Re-Election

Congressman Thanedar Backs President Biden's Re-Election

Congressman Thanedar Backs President Biden’s Re-Election

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WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Shri Thanedar has expressed his unwavering support for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Representing Michigan’s Detroit area, Thanedar’s endorsement is particularly noteworthy given Michigan’s status as a critical battleground state.

“A few months ago, I sat 20 feet away from President Biden and listened to him outline his vision for our country for nearly an hour. I’ve had multiple one-on-one conversations with him where he speaks fondly of Detroit and understands the problems we face. He is the same person we elected in 2020, where he was the most effective leader we’ve had in modern times,” Thanedar told the media.

During his endorsement, Congressman Thanedar highlighted Biden’s accomplishments in his first term, including record infrastructure spending, significant investments in semiconductors and supply chains through the CHIPS Act, reduced insulin costs, and the enactment of the first major gun safety law in nearly three decades.

Thanedar is the first among the five Indian American Congressmen in the House of Representatives to publicly endorse Biden following his lackluster performance in the recent presidential debate in Atlanta.

“There’s still much more to be done, and we need more federal investment, especially in areas like housing. To me, the choice is clear. President Biden will bring more federal dollars to our district, while Trump will just keep giving tax breaks to the rich. I’m fully behind President Biden as he is clearly the best choice for the 13th District,” Thanedar stated.

Thanedar’s endorsement comes in the wake of Biden’s debate performance in Atlanta, which led to a dip in his approval ratings and increased pressure from within his party for him to reconsider his candidacy.

American Constitution

BY T.S. Khanna, July 8, 2024,

Foundation For Better Government,

164-Canyon Vista Place, Alamo, CA-9457.

Probably, never before the American polity has been so divided as it is today. As the presidential election is moving closer, tensions are rising to the flash-point. Yet, a deeper look shows that t is not the Americans but the outdated American Constitution at fault creating almost two cultures of the two parties dividing, and pitting people against one another.

Human mind is full of illusions, but human knowledge is limited to limited physical realities. In the period of crisis, articulation of illusionary vision overpowers realistic vision. The abstractions and assumptions of the illusionary vision get tested only after it is adopted and practiced. Subjectivity, created at the time also feeds to weakness of the adopted system.

A systemic fault with such systems is that they do not carry any mechanism for periodic review, evaluation and essential amendments in response to changing political conditions. Eventually, the solution of political problems of one time becomes the cause of next crisis. This what is happening in America. Political systems get formulated from crisis to crisis.

Although, American Founders reflected a great deal of experience and thought, they could not foresee the type of changes that have occurred in the American polity. Today, the American Constitution has a considerable value as intellectual inheritance but not much for current use.

Now the call of the time is to rewrite a new constitution in light of the 248 years of experience, preserving the core values of democracy.

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  • Shri you missed a spot on Biden’s butt !!

    July 8, 2024
  • Hillary Clinton would have won except she made a political blunder of calling the Republican voters as deplorables and that was the end of our campaign when she was leading with a wide margin.

    July 9, 2024
  • According to realclearpolitics.com, which is deemed reliable because it uses the average of all the polls, Trump beats Biden handily in national polls as well as in battleground polls. See below the numbers for today.

    RealClearPolitics Election 2024
    RCP Poll Averages
    Election 2024 Trump Biden Spread
    RCP Poll Average 47.3 44.0 Trump +3.3
    5-Way RCP Average 42.7 37.9 Trump +4.8
    Top Battlegrounds 47.5 43.5 Trump +4.0
    Favorability Ratings -10.6 -17.8 Trump +7.2
    RCP Betting Odds 57.7 19.7

    Electoral College Trump Biden Toss Ups
    RCP Electoral Map 219 198 121
    No Toss Up States 312 226

    Battlegrounds Trump Biden Spread
    Arizona 47.6 42.2 Trump +5.4
    Nevada 48.0 42.8 Trump +5.2
    Wisconsin 48.0 45.8 Trump +2.2
    Michigan 46.0 45.4 Trump +0.6
    Pennsylvania 48.8 43.5 Trump +5.3
    Virginia 43.3 45.5 Biden +2.2
    Georgia 46.5 42.5 Trump +4.0

    If Democrats want to defeat Trump in 2024, they have no choice but to pick VP Harris, who is much younger, more articulate, can think on her feet, and has worked closely with Biden. This way there will be no dispute about the utilization of the campaign money that has already been collected for the Biden-Harris campaign. This will also have a potential to maintain the continuity and motivate donors to continue adding more money to their campaign coffers.

    July 9, 2024

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