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Jay Bhanushali On Hosts Getting Their Due: We Deserve A Little More


Jay Bhanushali On Hosts Getting Their Due: We Deserve A Little More

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actor and television show host Jay Bhanushali feels that anchors are still not entirely given due credit and said that they deserve a lot more than what they have got.

He feels that just like there is a category for awards in cinema and television, a section should be for hosts too. They should be feted for their hard work as well.

Talking about TV show hosts getting their credit, Jay said: “I still feel that hosts are not being given due credit after the show is successful. Our job is to entertain people and sometimes we make a joke out of ourselves to make others laugh and that is why people take us for granted many times.”

“As an actor, you get National Awards. Why are we not getting National Awards? For National Awards there is every category but for anchoring still not there. So, because of that I still feel we are not appreciated.”

It’s a difficult job, he says without mincing any words.

“It is a much more difficult job than a comedian. They have at least four writers writing for them. But when we are on stage, the script we have is when we are introducing participants. After the performance is over, it is our talent on how we are entertaining and creating moments that is a big challenge.”

“You will see many actors, but very rarely an actor turning an anchor so 1000 actors you’d see but you can see only 4-5 anchors who are still working on TV.”

“So, I think we are not getting as much credit as we deserve.”

The actor said that even when promos are shot, anchors/hosts are excluded.

“When the promos are shot, the anchors are excluded but they play a very major part in the success of a show because we are the ones who create that atmosphere for the people that’s when the fun, emotions, etc. are created. I feel we deserve a little more than we have got.”

Jay is gearing up for his upcoming show ‘Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum’, which is a remake of the popular Turkish drama Istanbullu Gelin (Bride of Istanbul) that will air on Sony Entertainment Television from April 10.

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