HomeMusicSunidhi Chauhan Has A Vibrant Ode To Rajasthan’s Musical Heritage

Sunidhi Chauhan Has A Vibrant Ode To Rajasthan’s Musical Heritage

Sunidhi Chauhan Has A Vibrant Ode To Rajasthan's Musical Heritage

Sunidhi Chauhan Has A Vibrant Ode To Rajasthan’s Musical Heritage

MUMBAI (ANI) Singer Sunidhi Chauhan’s latest release, ‘Leta Jaijo Re’, takes listeners on a musical journey through Rajasthan. Collaborating with Shashwat Sachdev, the Manganiyar community, and the Kawa Brass Band, the song spans the dunes of Rajasthan. This 26-artist ensemble revives timeless melodies celebrating the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

Originally a legacy song of the Manganiyar community, ‘Leta Jaijo Re’ in Coke Studio Bharat merges two iconic Rajasthani folk songs. The festive theme of the song is inspired by Rajasthan’s cultural diversity, vibrant costumes, distinctive music, and dance forms. Set against the backdrop of a palatial haveli, the song celebrates the region’s royalty, echoing the energetic pulse of Rajasthan.

The music video captures the essence of a performance that pays homage to Rajasthan’s cultural heritage. National award-winning composer Shashwat Sachdev orchestrates the symphony, blending traditional and modern sounds to create a unique musical experience. Sunidhi Chauhan’s powerful voice, along with the spirited procession of the Kawa Brass Band and the powerful performances of the Manganiyars, create an audio-visual spectacle.

Reflecting on the song, Shashwat Sachdev said, “I am honored to present ‘Leta Jaijo Re’ and collaborate with my childhood hero Sunidhi Chauhan and my musician friends. This song blends my childhood memories with Rajasthan’s rich musical heritage through contemporary sounds. Our aim was to resonate with today’s audiences while paying tribute to the timeless traditions of the Manganiyar community and Indian music.”

Sunidhi Chauhan shared her thoughts, stating, ” ‘Leta Jaijo Re’ with Coke Studio Bharat is truly close to my heart. Bringing this timeless folk tune to life was an incredible journey, especially with the collaboration of Shashwat, the Manganiyars from Rajasthan, Chotu Khan, and the Kawa Brass Band. This unique blend of talents brought a fresh and vibrant energy to the song, making this collaboration truly one-of-a-kind. We hope to connect deeply with our audience, sharing the joy and profound connection we felt while creating it.”

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