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10 Ways To Protect Your Hair


10 Ways To Protect Your Hair

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – It is common knowledge that the scorching summer heat is bad for your skin and hair. It is essential to protect it at all costs. Long-term exposure to the harsh sunlight of summer can cause weathering and oxidative damage to the scalp. This leads to hair that is dry, brittle, and stiff.

While covering your head with a cap or scarf is a must when outdoors, here are other ways to successfully protect your hair:

Do not apply too many cosmetics or coloring dyes to your hair during summer. It has been seen that colored hair can undergo considerable changes during summer. Therefore, it is best to avoid excess chemicals and chemical treatments during this time of the year. Even if you want to color your hair during summer, it is recommended that you use organic compositions and do it at least a couple of months before the mercury levels go off the charts.

Is hair becoming too dry due to the sun? The ideal way to secure your hair from the heat of the sun is by wearing a cap or scarf. If you don’t want to wear a scarf, ensure that you at least use a leave-in conditioner with SPF. If your profession comprises working outdoors, use hair products that pack enough SPF. You can also select a special hair mask or sunscreen product that is customized for your hair type. However, once you reach home make sure you wash your hair with water. Go for a rinse-out conditioner that can rejuvenate your hair by reinstating its original moisture and life. You should always choose a conditioner that compliments your hair texture and hair type.

Excessive use of shampoo is detrimental to your hair. Do not apply shampoo every day as it will do more harm than good by drying up your scalp and weakening the hair. If you sweat more profusely in the scalp region and have hair that gets easily greasy, you should opt for a mild shampoo. Remember to apply the shampoo only on the scalp and not the hair or it will become dry.

Who doesn’t love going for an afternoon swim to cool the body during summer? But did you know that your hair can get easily damaged due to the concentrated levels of chlorine in the water and UV radiation from the sun? The best thing that you can do is make sure you apply a leave-in conditioner before and put on a swimming cap, post-swimming uses a nice shampoo to reduce the damage done to the hair from the chlorinated water.

Go easy on the blow dryer as it emits excess heat that can harm your hair during summer. If need be, wash your hair half an hour earlier than usual so that it has sufficient time to dry in the air. Steer clear of styling irons and curlers and allow your hair to be in its natural state.

It is often the tips of your hair that sustain the highest damage during summertime heat. It is common for people to witness a lot of split ends and dry tips during this period. Therefore, this is the best time to go for that new haircut. In case you do not want to cut your hair short, you can settle for a small trim that will take care of the ends and reinvigorate your hair.

Co-washing or conditioner washing is a must during the summer months. As your hair gets dirtier during summer due to the copious amounts of sweat and dirt, regular hair cleansing is imperative. During this period, merely shampooing your hair does not suffice. Make sure you wash your hair with a good quality replenishing conditioner. After wetting your hair, apply for two minutes and then rinse with soft water for the best result.

If you suffer from oily hair, then regular co-washing is bound to make your hair greasy. Shifting to dry shampoos is a good option in such cases. You can also apply a little sprinkling of baby talc on your scalp and hair and then comb it out. This must be one of the simplest yet most effective hair care tips for summertime.

While practicing all the above tips, make sure you follow this advice to the letter. Drink lots of fluids. The significance of keeping yourself well-hydrated during peak summer months cannot be stressed enough. Drinking sufficient water is key to good hair and skin health. You should also eat a lot of fresh seasonal fruits and green vegetables as they not only hydrate the skin but are also loaded with several essential vitamins and minerals. Along with maintaining a good and clean diet, you can also add plant-based biotin supplements to your routine as it supports healthy, nourished hair, skin, and nails.

One thing to swear by when it comes to haircare and skincare is to invest in clean and plant-based products that will protect your hair and skin irrespective of the season. Whatever the reason for hair damage is, add products that are vegan and free of harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens, dyes, and artificial fragrances, in your daily hair care routine to get maximum results.

Follow the tips diligently and you will have very little to complain about when it comes to hair health. While these recommendations operate mostly on the external level, make sure that you power yourself internally as well by drinking lots of water and eating natural and organic foods that can keep you cool during the heat.

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