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13 Students Among 40 Finalists In Regeneron Science Talent Search


13 Students Among 40 Finalists In Regeneron Science Talent Search

Photo Top Row: (Left to Right): Sarang Goel, Saraswathy Amjith, Aditi Avinash

Photo Middle Row: (Left to Right): Arnav N. Chakravarthy, Ekansh Mittal, Harshil Avlani, Rhea Rastogi, Riya Tyagi

Photo Bottom Row: (Left to Right): Aarav Arora, Amanrai Singh Kahlon, Alexandra Mahajan, Arav Bhargava, Achyuta Rajaram

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WASHINGTON, DC – Thirteen Indian American students are among 40 finalists in the 2024 Regeneron Science Talent Search. The Society for Science said the finalists represent 36 schools across 19 states. “Finalists were selected from 300 scholars and 2,162 entrants, the largest pool of applicants since the 1960s, based on the originality and creativity of their scientific research as well as their achievement and leadership both inside and outside of the classroom,” it said in its statement.

The science and math competition is for high school seniors. They will participate in a week-long competition from March 6-13 to be held here where more than $1.8 million will be given out with the top prize of $250,000.

The Indian American finalists:

Saraswathy Amjith, Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, WA

Project Title: A Novel Integrated Machine Learning Approach Utilizing Radar and Satellite Imagery for Selective Logging Remote Sensing Detection and Accompanying AI-Logging Map-Generating Webtool.

Aarav Arora, Del Norte High School, San Diego, CA

Project Title: A Mechanistic Basis for the Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Severity

Aditi Avinash, Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, CO

Project Title: Model Validation and Preclinical Testing of Digestive Enzymes for Gluten Breakdown: A Move to Cure Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease

Harshil Avlani, BASIS Chandler, Chandler, AZ

Project Title: Analyzing the Effect of Mid-Circuit Measurement (MCM) on Spectator Qubits

Arav Bhargava, The Potomac School, McLean, VA

Project Title: Low-Cost, 3D-Printed, Universal-Fit, Transradial Socket for Amputees in Developing Countries

Arnav N. Chakravarthy, Homestead High School, Cupertino, CA

Project Title: Leveraging Mitochondrial DNA Mutations for Macrophage Lineage Tracing in Primary Human Tissues

Sarang Goel, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, Denton, TX

Project Title: IVY – Intelligent Vision System for the Visually Impaired: Innovative Low-Cost, AI-Based Eyeglasses to Help the Visually Impaired Overcome Mobility Limitations Through Navigational Assistance and Object Avoidance Algorithms and an Intuitive Vibration and Audio Guidance System

Amanrai Singh Kahlon, Sanford School, Hockessin, DE

Project Title: Enhancing Wearable Gait-Monitoring Systems: Identifying Optimal Kinematic Inputs in Typical Adolescents

Alexandra Mahajan, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, Cambridge, MA

Project Title: A Novel Method to Determine Precise Stellar Radii and Temperatures of Low Mass Stars Using JWST Transits and Occultations

Ekansh Mittal, Westview High School, Portland, OR

Project Title: Harnessing Machine Learning and 3D Spheroid Cultures to Identify Biomarkers for Combating Drug Resistance in Breast Cancer

Achyuta Rajaram, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH

Project Title: Automatic Discovery of Visual Circuits

Rhea Rastogi, Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School, Montgomery, AL

Project Title: Understanding How the Maternal Epigenetic Reprogramming Function of LSD1 Contributes to Inherited Developmental Disease

Riya Tyagi, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH

Project Title: Using Computer Vision to Disentangle Features Enabling AI To Learn Self-Reported Race and Ethnicity From Medical Images

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