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2023 Cricket, Bollywood, India Among Most-Read Articles On Wikipedia


2023 Cricket, Bollywood, India Among Most-Read Articles On Wikipedia

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ANI)– The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that operates Wikipedia, released its annual list of the most-viewed articles on English Wikipedia in 2023. From ChatGPT and Cricket to Barbie and Bollywood, the articles tell the story of how society at large is seeking out knowledge about the ever-changing world.

For the first time since 2015 when the Wikimedia Foundation started publishing the year-end most popular lists, articles related to Indian topics are prominently featured in the 2023 list, with about seven appearing in the top 25.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, but no cricket article has ever been on the Foundation’s year-end lists until now. In 2023, cricket comprised a full 16 per cent of English Wikipedia’s top 25 articles.

The top five articles of the year

1: ChatGPT, 49,490,406 pageviews

2: Deaths in 2023, 42,666,860

3: 2023 Cricket World Cup, 38,171,653

4: Indian Premier League, 32,012,810

5: Oppenheimer (film), 28,348,248

The articles for the ‘2023 Cricket World Cup’ (number three), hosted this year in India, and ‘Indian Premier League’ (number four) made their way into the list of the top five most-viewed articles. The top five Wikipedia articles, along with the ‘Cricket World Cup’ and ‘2023 Indian Premier League’ articles, collectively received over 116.8 million page views.

Interestingly, the ‘2023 Cricket World Cup’ page received 304 per cent more interest this year compared to its previous edition, ‘2019 Cricket World Cup’, including over 1.25 million views on the day of the tournament final. India’s Virat Kohli was awarded ‘Player of the Tournament’ in the 2023 World Cup, and he received more page views on English Wikipedia this year (over 10 million) than all those recorded for the 2019 Cricket World Cup (a little under 9.5 million).

While cricket and related articles feature prominently on the list, Bollywood isn’t too far behind, with two of this year’s major blockbuster films finding their way into the top 25.

‘Jawan’ and ‘Pathaan’, both starring Shah Rukh Khan, became two of the highest-grossing Hindi-language films of all time. They feature in eighth and tenth place on the list, respectively, collectively racking up more than 41.7 million page views. Around their release dates, both films peaked at over one million page views in a single day on English Wikipedia alone. Hollywood’s ‘Oppenheimer’ (fifth) and the article on ‘J Robert Oppenheimer’ (seventh) are positioned higher on the list, whereas ‘Barbie’ and ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ are featured at positions 13 and 20 respectively.

The Wikipedia article for ‘India’ is also featured in the 21st position, with almost 14 million page views. The readership of Wikipedia articles is often driven by current affairs. This year saw a number of positive global developments in India, including becoming the first country to land a spacecraft on the south pole of the moon through its Chandrayaan-3 mission, the winning of an Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’ for ‘Naatu Naatu’–the first time an Indian film song has ever been recognized for these awards–India’s G20 presidency, and the hosting of the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

“Wikipedia is a vital source of up-to-date and fact-checked information for people in India and around the world. Anyone who wants to learn more about a current event or gain knowledge on a topic can consult the free and collaborative online encyclopedia,” said Anusha Alikhan, Chief Communications Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation.

“Every Wikipedia article is created, curated, and maintained by a global community of more than 265,000 volunteers. It is their work and time that have made Wikipedia into the reliable, trusted resource we all rely on,” Alikhan added.

The English Wikipedia received over 84 billion views this year alone. All 25 articles featured in this yearend list have amassed a whopping 540.6 million views in 2023.

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