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3 Indian Cities Nominated For International Wetland City Tag


3 Indian Cities Nominated For International Wetland City Tag

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NEW DELHI (ANI) – India has submitted three nominations—Indore, Bhopal, and Udaipur–for accreditation as international wetland cities.

These are the first three Indian cities for which nominations have been submitted for Wetland City Accreditation.

The Wetland City Accreditation scheme aims to promote conservation and wise use of urban and peri-urban wetlands as well as sustainable socio-economic benefits for local populations.

This will also provide an opportunity for cities that value their natural or human-made wetlands to gain international recognition and positive branding opportunities for their efforts in demonstrating strong positive relationships with wetlands.

The wetlands situated in and around these cities provide a plethora of benefits to its citizens in terms of flood regulation, livelihood opportunities, and recreational and cultural values. Sirpur Wetland (Ramsar site in Indore), Yashwant Sagar (Ramsar site closer to Indore), Bhoj Wetland (Ramsar Site in Bhopal), and several Wetlands (Lakes) in and around Udaipur are lifelines to these cities.

Recognizing the importance of wetlands in urban and peri-urban environments and taking appropriate measures to conserve and protect these wetlands, the Ramsar Convention during COP12 held in the year 2015 approved a voluntary Wetland City Accreditation system under Resolution XII.10. It recognizes cities that have taken exceptional steps to safeguard their urban wetlands.

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