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5 Must Listen Audio Series

5 Must Listen Audio Series

5 Must Listen Audio Series

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Let’s break away from the screen and venture into a world of captivating audio storytelling.

Insta Millionaire

Follow Lucky’s incredible journey from rags to riches, filled with determination and selflessness. Despite the odds, Lucky’s unwavering mission to bring joy to his loved ones shines through. But a surprise message could change everything. Will he stay true to his principles or be tempted by newfound fortune? Dive into this captivating and uplifting tale on Pocket FM.

My Commando Wife

Join Aarohi on an extraordinary journey as she’s hurled back in time after a bomb blast. Her soul finds a new vessel, leading to an unexpected encounter with Army Chief Vihaan Singh. Unravel the mysteries of survival and time’s enigmatic currents in this tale of improbable connections and love across the ages.

Surya Zinda Hai

Immerse yourself in a corrupt town’s gritty world, where ex-Major Surya Shukla wages an unyielding battle against the corruption web. Facing India’s most formidable power players, Surya stakes everything for justice, even his life. Witness the unwavering patriotism of Ex-Major Surya Shukla as he stops at nothing to punish the corrupt and uphold justice in this pulse-pounding saga.

Hui Teri Deewani

This audio series intricately weaves the captivating story of Mahikaa and Major Ayaan. Against a backdrop of mystery and peril, their destinies collide, igniting an unbreakable bond that defies all odds. As the mysteries of Mahikaa’s enigmatic past intertwine with Ayaan’s unwavering commitment, their journey delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of truth.


Witness Zoravar’s life-changing journey from tragedy to triumph as he transforms into a magical boxer. Dive into the gritty world of underground boxing, uncover family secrets, and see vengeance evolve into personal growth and forgiveness. ‘Mukkebaaz’ is a thrilling narrative that celebrates resilience and the human spirit, proving that redemption goes beyond revenge. 

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