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6 Enchanting Picture Books To Spark Your Child’s Imagination

6 Enchanting Picture Books To Spark Your Child’s Imagination

Children are constantly seeking new ways to engage their boundless imagination. Picture books play a vital role in this process, taking them on a journey that is both visually and emotionally captivating – transporting them to extraordinary places, igniting unforgettable memories, and imparting valuable lessons with engaging artwork that complements a child’s active curiosity and imagination. Encouraging the ever-curious child to explore the world of words and pictures, these books can be essential tools in encouraging your young ones to express themselves freely and creatively, be it through sketches, stories, or both!

Ikru’s First Day of School

Illustrator: Sunaina Coelho | Publisher: Pratham Books

An engaging wordless picture book that beautifully captures countless stories surrounding a momentous event in every young child’s life: their first day of school. With delightful and immersive illustrations, this enchanting book vividly portrays the experience of stepping into the unknown on that memorable day. Being wordless, it is accessible to several kinds of readers, particularly younger ones, who can experience the essence of school life through these moving illustrations.

This is Where We Live

Illustrator: Manjari Chakaravarti | Publisher: Pratham Books

A visually captivating story that takes readers on a journey of a day from sunny to stormy and then rainy – unfolding over pages of compelling and bold sketches that will surely grip the young reader’s imagination and heart. Instantly relatable, the book evokes memories of any child’s days in the sun, storm, and rain – encouraging them to connect with their experiences through art. Buzzed with beauty and creativity, this picture book might even compel young readers to embrace their inner artist, pick up a pencil and create their own sketches as they explore the wonders of the natural world with this book.

Zakir and His Tabla Dha Dhin Na

Author: Sandhya Rao, Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan | Publisher: Tulika Publishers

A window into the musical heritage of India, this story traces the childhood journey of Ustad Zakir Hussain as he learns to play the tabla from his strict and famous father, Allarakha. Coming alive with animated illustrations that are vivid and deeply emotive, this book tugs at the strings of a child’s imagination – transporting them into a world thumping with energy as young Zakir’s hands and hair fly in a mesmerizing rhythm while he strikes the tabla.

Our World/ HamariDuniya

Author: Sandhya Rao, Illustrator: Proiti Roy | Publisher: JugnooPrakashan

A moving portrayal of valuable virtues like solidarity, love, and compassion, this bilingual picture book serves as a gentle guide for young readers, teaching them about the profound interconnectedness of all life. Using captivating imagery and powerful metaphors, this book presents a nuanced understanding of the world as a web of life where everyone needs to support each other – sparking their imagination around abstract philosophical concepts like the significance of harmony and unity in the world.

Animal Alphabet

Author: Manjula Padmanabhan, Illustrator: Manjula Padmanabhan | Publisher: Tulika Publishers

A thoroughly delightful introduction to the English alphabet, there is more than meets the eye with this enjoyable picture book that brings alive on paper the many lesser-known animals of India in their natural habitats. Placing content in context, the book effortlessly opens children’s minds to the rich lives of diverse fauna that is thriving across our country through its memorable rhymes, vivid illustrations, and appealing color palette.

Tiger, Tiger, where are you?

Author: Mujahid Khan, Illustrator: Manjari Chakaravarti | Publisher: Pratham Books

A captivating hunt for a tiger lost in the woods, let your child’s imagination run wild (quite literally!) as they imagine the great outdoors with a lost tiger roaming the jungle. The watercolor illustration is gentle, soft, and warm – taking young readers on a picturesque visual journey through the woods. A gripping mystery riddled with clues; this book engages the young reader’s curiosity on where the tiger could be while also giving them a glimpse of pragmatic life skills on how to track wild fauna.

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