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80s Crimped Hairstyle Trend Is Here to Stay

80s Crimped Hairstyle Trend Is Here to Stay


It began in the 1980s and became popular in the 1990s because of celebrity endorsements. It has never gone away with its crumpled, wavy appearance a popular favorite with many women.

Vintage wavy crimped hair: Hair crimpers frequently give hair a distinct zig-zag finish, but if you prefer larger ‘kinks’, you can achieve a more subtle effect with Ikonic’s crimp and style hair styles, which has a wider wave plate.

Side-swept glam look: You like the retro look of Hollywood and want to show off your vintage charm. The side retro-glam look is ideal for you. Simply curl your hair with a crimper machine to achieve this look. Then, make a deep part and place the hair on the brow. Set the hairstyle for a few minutes with mousse. That’s it. Finish the look with some dazzling hair clips, and you’re ready to embrace your inner vintage diva.

Crimped and elegant: Out with the crimped, wild hairstyles and in with more lustrous, refined looks like this elegant updo. Working on small sections with the subtle crimped finish while wearing blonde balayage tresses in a low ponytail to make these kinky sections really stand out.

The classic crimp: Go for this look that gives you the perfect charm, with the long blonde tresses loosely curled and then crimped in sections.

The new crimp on the block: Get Ariana Grande’s hairstyle, which features a super-soft, pulled-back look and brow-grazing fringe, with a generous, lightly crimped ponytail for a retro twist!

The perfect ponytail: What’s more classic than a ponytail? Curled ponytails, on the other hand, maybe the best bet if you’re tired of regular ponytails and want to add a little zing to your hairstyle. Simply use a professional hair crimping machine to curl your hair. Then, using a rubber band, secure the hair. Take a few strands from your hair and trim your face. This look works well with a variety of outfits and is ideal for both parties and casual day trips.

The half up — half down look: Do you want your free spiritual attitude to be guided by your hairstyle? This half-up, half-down style is ideal for you. Curl your hair with a hair curler machine to achieve this look. Then, tie a ponytail at the top of your hair. Pull some front strands out to frame the face and add personality. Apply hairspray to your hairstyle and get ready to rock this chic and trendy look.

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