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Add Minerals to Beauty Routine

Add Minerals to Beauty Routine

Although mineral and crystal-infused skincare has been around since the ancient Egyptians, today these compounds are being added to everything from serums to moisturizers and face massage tools. Minerals are also crucial for overall health and well-being; they are nutrients that the body cannot do without. Minerals themselves are inorganic solids that exist naturally, through geological processes, and have a specific and pre-determined chemical composition. Some vital minerals your skin needs are magnesium, potassium, silica, calcium, and zinc.

* Diamond dust: Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend. This ingredient is packed with exfoliating features that wash off toxins and deliver a glowing complexion. Their highly absorbent nature gives them skin-lightening properties. Diamond dust is known to remove blemishes and fade acne and dark spots. Other benefits include exfoliating dead skin cells, preventing skin aging, and hydrating the skin

* Pearl protein: The richness of this ingredient helps regenerate collagen, making wrinkles appear less prominent. It also promotes cellular repair, protects the skin from pollution and gives a luminous sheen to the skin

* Gold and silver leaf: These luxurious, ancient beauty ingredients act as antioxidants and strengthen the skin barrier. They also aid in boosting circulation, improving skin elasticity, and protecting against environmental stressors

* Titanium Dioxide: Works as a UV filter in skincare products, especially in physical sunscreens. It is also commonly used as a lightening, thickening, and lubricating ingredient

* Iron Oxide: Mostly added in cosmetics to increase pigment. This mineral is clean, hypoallergenic, and helps increase the SPF protection offered by sunscreens. Its ability to protect skin from UV and blue light makes it a must-have ingredient for people experiencing melasma

* Rose quartz: This crystal is known as the crystal of unconditional love and is said to boost feelings of self-love as well. It has remarkable benefits in skincare like the ability to stimulate blood flow to supply more oxygen to the skin, resulting in a flushed, natural glow. It also helps to relax facial muscles and ease stress

* Amethyst: This crystal represents purification and connection to spiritual and divine beings. Amethysts help to cleanse and detoxify the body, mind, and soul. Their skin benefits include boosting collagen, curbing inflammation, and increasing circulation

* Malachite: This crystal is said to absorb negative energies and heal the body from multiple ailments. Also known as the botox of the crystal world, malachite helps to gently cleanse clogged pores and visibly firm and lift skin. Additionally, it supports the skin’s natural defenses against free radicals. (IANS)

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