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Adil Says Work Culture Different In Hollywood And Bollywood

Adil Says Work Culture Different In Hollywood And Bollywood

NEW DELHI (ANI) – Actor Adil Hussain has a wide range of films to his name, including internationally acclaimed works like ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ and ‘Life of Pi’.

The actor, who is renowned for his refined acting abilities and diversified, unconventional performances, talked about the culture of filmmaking in India and abroad.

When asked if to work in Hollywood, an actor has to change their work style, he said, “It depends. One of my works hasn’t been released in India unfortunately. It was an Italian film, ‘Gangor’ based on Mahasweta Devi’s story. The movie was directed by an Italian director and an Italian production. So, it is an English film when I started acting, the director asked me, ‘Move your hands, you are from India, it’s not a cold country. Don’t act like a Hollywood actor.'”

He added, “The genre of acting in European films or Hollywood films is influenced by their climate. As it is cold, there is less body movement, and they don’t prefer to speak much unlike India.”

On his experience during the shoot of ‘Life of Pi’, Hussain recalled the meticulous planning, professionalism, and discipline and how filmmaking is different in Hollywood and Bollywood. “In terms of the culture of filmmaking, there is a huge difference. I got my script three months before and the driver was scheduled two months before the shoot started in Taiwan,” he said.

The 2012 adventure-drama film ‘Life of Pi’ was written by David Magee and directed by Ang Lee. It is based on Yann Martel’s 2001 novel of the same name. “The film worked well because of its story, technique, and meticulous planning. So, when I say 99 percent of films made in India are mediocre, it is not because of a lack of talent but because of people who make decisions on finance. Here is talent but the execution of creative planning is a mess. They must understand that it is 80 percent creative and 20 percent business but here it happens the other way round,” he added.

He also opined, “We have amazing stories. Make Mahabharata which will eat up the cinema halls of the world. Each and every chapter can become a story.”

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