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Aditya Narayan Detoxes: Gets Off Instagram


Aditya Narayan Detoxes: Gets Off Instagram

MUMBAI (IANS) – Television host and singer Aditya Narayan has deleted all his pictures from his Instagram handle and said that he is on a “digital break.”

On April 12 he penned a long note sharing that he wants to spend some more time in the real world. “Before anyone jumps the gun, let me inform all my well wishers that I’m absolutely fine. I am on a digital break, happily spending time with my daughter, wife, parents & loved ones along with putting finishing touches to my debut album ‘Saansein’.”

He added: “Why have I deleted all posts from Instagram? Because it’s like my digital canvas, and I wish to erase my previous imprints and begin afresh, as if starting a new painting. I am also a firm believer that one must, every once in a while, disconnect from our current social confines, spend time with yourself and look within, for, that is where I have gained life’s deepest insights.”

“Good health is only so if it’s multi dimensional. Physical, mental & spiritual. I aspire to lead a wholesome life, and I feel like it’s time for me, in a way, to go back to school.”

The ‘Tattad Tattad’ hitmaker shared that he wishes to acquire new skills and hone his old ones along with indulging in a few trivial activities.

“In short, spend more time in the real world, and not this digital bubble that a lot of us have made their reality. It’s as simple as that.”

He shared an Arnold Schwarzenegger meme which had ‘I’ll Be Back’ written on it.

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