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Aditya Seth – World Champ in Artistic Roller Skating

Aditya Seth – World Champ in Artistic Roller Skating


DAVIS, CA – Aditya Seth flies under the radar. How else can the accomplishment of this 18-year-old sportsman escape the attention of the community?

The gifted and talented young man won the World Roller Skating championship in 2021 in Asunción, Paraguay while serving as Team USA’s captain. That’s the main headline.

Here is some of the rest:

• 3-time member of the US World Team for the Artistic Skating World Championships (2018 in France, 2019 in Spain, & 2021 in Paraguay)

• World Champion in Junior Men Compulsory Figures & Team USA Captain at the 2021 World Championships

• Recipient of the 2021 United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee ‘Operation Gold’ Award

• Athlete in 27 events in 11 US national competitions

Seth started skating when he was only three. He followed in the footsteps of his sister Divya Seth, who too has won national titles, three in fact.

The Indian American is coached by Marlayna “Twiggy” Harney who he showers with respect calling her a “second mom,” and a “life coach.”

Seth says he became a world champ through focus, persistence and the support of his family and coach.

He recalls how in earlier contests in the year, he had not performed at peak levels having lost focus. Combined with reduced training during the Covid 19 pandemic his performances were below par, he says. “Lessons learned,” Seth adds.

The young Indian American is currently focused on college work – he is a freshman at the University of California, Davis, double majoring in computer science and economics.

Someday, he says, he would like to build computer models based on economic theories to help the world.

Meanwhile, he will continue competing at the national and international levels as well as hone his skills to become a judge himself.

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