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Adopt Giver’s Mindset: Biz Coach Manoj Gursahani In New Book


Adopt Giver’s Mindset: Biz Coach Manoj Gursahani In New Book

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Author, business coach, and global strategist Manoj Gursahani believes the only way forward in the modern world is to change your lens from a transactional mindset that looks for what others can do for you to one of generosity.

“Adopt a giver’s mindset and this alone will change your life and open doors to unimaginable abundance and opportunities,” Gursahani, author of ‘The Human Connect’, said about his debut book that details the secrets of effective networking drawn from his vast and diverse experience across the global business landscape.

“This is not a laborious read but relevant to current times where less is more. It has easy-to-follow, relatable, practical tips and anecdotes that will resonate with you and offer guidance that I wish someone had extended to me when I was just starting out.

“I hope that it will help every reader who picks it up to have deeper personal and professional relationships, create the blueprint of a successful, inspired, enriched life and build a thriving business,” added Gursahani, who also advises various corporates on mergers and acquisitions across the world.

“The book is my way of reaching out to young Indians who are completely overwhelmed by technology and social media and have lost an organic connection with the world. I wanted to remind them of the beauty of synergy over competitiveness and was inspired to change the lens of transactional networking which is a western concept.

“This book expands on the idea of ‘Giving’, which is another form of receiving and can be more fulfilling than just doing something for someone with a vested interest,” Gursahani explained.

That explains the inspiration behind writing the book.

“The quest to find the key to a happy life led me to understand that meaningful relationships, if nurtured and sustained over a period of time, can empower our personal and professional journey and help us to grow in unimaginably enriching ways. This is the thought that lies at the core of this book.

“When I started researching the subject of networking, I figured that most of the books we have in fact approach networking from a transactional mindset of ‘You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours’. I wanted to change this narrative and approach it from a giver’s mindset and the perspective of genuinely investing in relationships.

“I did not want this shift to be superficial, and instead argued for the need to actually change our lens when we meet someone. The point is to have a genuine and sincere approach and the attitude of what we can do for someone rather than what they can do for us.

“The book illustrates this point with several examples and stories. Trust me, the adherence to these principles in our day-to-day life will turn us into human magnets and open doors and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams,” he maintained.

If readers apply even 20 per cent of the principles he has shared in the book, “it will help them build more meaningful bonds. Strong relationships are crucial for their well-being and will help them to overcome bouts of depression, habits of overthinking, and anxiety and adopt positive attributes like gratitude, empathy, and social responsibility,” Gursahani contended.

How can this book help readers recognize their flaws and skills, and how to work on them?

“A conscious awareness of our flaws and skills helps us to evolve and grow. Once we become cognizant of our weaknesses and strengths, we can then change or pivot our approach. Once we start radiating this energy of inner transformation, it will help us build better and long-lasting business and personal relationships.

“Changing for the better, also makes us happier as human beings. The book elaborates how remembering names, cultivating the art of effective listening, improving our body language, and staying in touch with people can help us to forge stronger bonds. I have also offered a list of do and don’ts which can serve as navigation guide and self-help tool kit,” the author said.

To that extent, each chapter ends with a mantra: For instance, “It’s in giving that we receive”, “Develop sincerity in your giving nature without expecting in return” and “Listening is not a skill, it’s a discipline”.

Not surprisingly, his favorite chapter is the 19th, which elucidates his take on “an unimaginable return on investment.

“This is actually the crux of the book and can help us to build relationships that are not based on networking and are incredibly fulfilling,” Gursahani concluded.

So, there you have it. Here’s a book that takes the concept of Human Resource Development to a whole new level in a world driven by technology and social media.

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