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After ‘Ramayan,’ Star Bharat Now Airs 2013 TV Series ‘Mahabharat’

After ‘Ramayan,’ Star Bharat Now Airs 2013 TV Series ‘Mahabharat’

Shaheer Sheikh plays Arjun in Star Bharat’s “Mahabharat.” (Concept PR photo)

By R.M. VIJAYAKAR Special to India-West

MUMBAI — One of the biggest epics known to mankind, “Mahabharat” is not just the story of a great war but also an eternal guide of wisdom that has taught the essence of ‘Dharma’ to millions spanning generations. This story gives everyone a better perspective towards life and helps them follow the path of righteousness. As the world is fighting a pandemic, the Hindi general entertainment channel Star Bharat has decided to air the 2013 TV series “Mahabharat” produced by Swastik Productions.

Star Bharat wants more and more viewers to stay at home and witness a story that has been able to capture the true essence of love, envy, lust, helplessness, greed and power.

Starring Saurabh Jain (as Lord Krishna), Pooja Sharma (as Draupadi), Sayantani Ghosh (as Satyavati), Shaheer Sheikh (as Arjun), Arpit Ranka (as Duryodhan), Praneet Bhatt (as Shakuni) and Puneet Issar (as Parshuram) in pivotal roles, Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s “Mahabharat” is remembered for its grandeur, VFX, storytelling, expensive sets, beautiful locales, captivating visuals, stellar cast and a powerful narrative.

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