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“Alia and Deepika are Very Different Yet Similar as Dancers”

“Alia and Deepika are Very Different Yet Similar as Dancers”

MUMBAI (IANS) – National Award-winning choreographer Kruti Mahesh is receiving many compliments for making Alia Bhatt dance to ‘Dholida’ in ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi‘.

She is the same mind behind the choreography of ‘Ghoomar’,’Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ picturized on Deepika Padukone in ‘Padmaavat’. Kruti analyses how both the actresses are different yet similar as dancers.

Kruti said as a choreographer she always keeps in mind the physicality of the actor and designs the dance accordingly so that it can look like a visual treat for the audience.

“Firstly, Deepika and Alia are different in terms of their physicality. Deepika for instance has long limbs, a long torso and she is very tall. But interestingly she is also very well aware of her body, so she knows there are few movements that look beautiful on-screen because of her body structure. As a dancer, it is important to have that understanding.”

She further added, “Maybe because she comes from a sports background, Deepika is very disciplined and anything that we choreographed she will practice a thousand times to get that right. ‘Ghoomar’ was a result of that.”

In the dance ‘Dholida’, according to Kruti, she amalgamated various elements to not only capture the character Gangubai but also her cultural background as she comes from Kathiawad, Gujarat.

“I think after ‘Dholida’, the dancer in Alia has been redefined. She is a great dancer, but her potential wasn’t explored in this way earlier; I think that is the SLB magic. Alia is very observant so even if she is not a trained classical dancer, and doesn’t know those technical jargons of mudras, she notices the differences of body language and imbibes them faster. Also, she puts all her energy 200 per cent. Perhaps that is why in the last sequence of ‘Dholida’, you see how her body is completely exhausted yet holding that trance moment as the song celebrates the power of Goddess Amba,” explained Kruti.

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