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Anil Kapoor Says Sonam Insisted He Does ‘The Night Manager’

Anil Kapoor Says Sonam Who Insisted He Does 'The Night Manager'

Anil Kapoor Says Sonam Insisted He Does ‘The Night Manager’

Mumbai, (IANS) – Anil Kapoor said on February 27 that it was Sonam Kapoor, his daughter and fashionista, who insisted that he took up the part in ‘The Night Manager’ that earned him all-around accolades not long ago.

Kapoor played the oily arms dealer, Shailendra ‘Shelly’ Rungta, in Sandeep Modi’s Hindi adaptation of the BBC hit series based on John Le Carre’s novel, ‘The Night Manager’.

He said, “When you have the right people around you, it makes all the difference, it can be your children, your team. They can make you stay connected with Gen Z.”

Going back to how he connects with Gen Z, Kapoor said: “I make sure that I keep on discussing ideas with youngsters. I speak a lot to them. That’s what I have done to stay relevant. Also, good filmmakers have come to me and chosen me. So, I have also been lucky.”

On Sonam he said, “She reads a lot of books. When I was offered ‘The Night Manager’, she told me she had read the book, and it was fantastic. She insisted that I should do the show.”

The actor also aired his views on the old debate about the South versus Hindi films and said, “I am sitting here because of the South. Most of my successful films have been remakes of South Indian films. Be it ‘Judaai’, ‘Beta’, ‘Woh Saat Din’, ‘Mohabbat’, ‘Nayak’. I think all the great Indian actors have had successful films that have been remakes of South Indian films.”

Kapoor concluded by saying: “This debate has always been there. It is more these days because certain South Indian films, notably ‘Baahubali’, ‘KGF’, ‘RRR’ and ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, have become big successes. I believe there are great stories and great actors. All are great Indian films.”

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  • She meant BE the night manager!

    The one that stands outside the door with a danda!

    February 28, 2024

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